Friday, June 26, 2009

A new avenue perhaps

My mother informed me today that one of her long time friends is very close with a woman that runs an adoption agency in a new by town. Apparently she had said something to me before but not as forcefully as today. So with the greater number of details she perked my interests.

So my mom called her friend, the mother of a child my mom once taught and whom I have known my whole life, to get the contact information. Mom's friend proceeded to call her friend and lay down some ground work. It was later in the day when this happened, and the lady was at the doctor with one of her children, so I will be calling on Monday.

I have no idea what the cost is, and that will of course be a big factor in making any determinations, but I can tell you that I will be anxiously awaiting Monday morning when I can call and get more information.

I will undoubtedly be doing an update once I find out more details. They always say it isn't what you know, but who you know so hopefully that will be very true for us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Texas paperwork complete?

I think that Frig and I have managed to get everything in the mail that we needed to complete the Texas paper work. I am getting less and less willing to say that I definitively know we are done. I feel like that might have jinxed us the first time.

We are waiting for some paper work to arrive from New Jersey, one of the location where Frig worked doing the Gun Fight Show, and then we will have to send that off with a letter as well. This is necessary to complete the paperwork with the US government. I hope that it will come in this week and that he will get it mailed while I am gone. We shall see if that is how it happens. :)

I have included a picture of Frig's gunfighting days. For those of you that won't be able to pick him out, he is bottom center. He is sitting because he is so much taller than the rest.

I do love being able to see how everyone checks in here. It confirms that this endeavor is not a waste of my time. Hopefully everything will work out and I'll be able to continue updating.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phone call from agency yesterday

Well they called me yesterday about 15 minutes before I got out of a training. I checked the message and returned the call. I know one of the ladies got off from work an hour later and the other one was there for almost 3 more hours. I left messages for both and got no call back.

I am going to try and given them some credit. Maybe they went to a meeting. Maybe they had some major drama to take care of. Why would you leave such an alarming message and then not call back even if you had to do so after the time when you would normally have left the office already?

The message said something about new information and talking about options. Frig is going to try and get in touch with one of them today as I have the last day of my training.

The sad thing is the Frig had actually made some progress on the stuff he needs to do. Not as much progress as I would like. Not progress to the point where it is all done, but progress none the less.

If worst comes to worst I'll just could on the very lucky conception date I was given from good old reliable FaceBook-----Dec 13, 2013

Update 11 am

Frig actually called them first thing when he woke up, like he said he would, and I just got off the phone with him. It looks like this was just the kick in the pants that he needed to get his butt in gear. It was a good thing he was the one that called and got to talk to the woman at the HS agency rather than me having to relay the message.

Basically she was calling to say "What the heck is taking you so long and would you please get your act together? Do you really want to adopt or not? It has taken so long now I need to try and get you a 1 week extension and you need to FedEx everything to us tomorrow!"

So Frig is supposed to finish up his last thing and get in touch with the second reference letter person to tell him it needs to be written yesterday and we will come to you and pick it up tomorrow.