Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Parrot

I am happy to announce that Christian is really begining to repeat after me when I read to him. He had been doing this for awhile with books that had a common theme of words, such as body parts or colors, but not with other books. This weekend he started to parrot when I was reading one of his longer nursery rhyme collections. He would be very quiet at the start of the rhyme, but would then catch-up to me at the end. Lats night, we were reading the Hungry Caterpillar and for the first time he wanted to show off his skills. CJ and Omma were both very proud when he repeated "cocoon"  and "butterfly". It seems we both considered these to be rather elevated in difficulty.

His vocabulary is increasing dramatically outside of reading as well. While it was nice to  have such a quite angel when out in public it is equally nice to know that he does not have any problems with his hearing (as one horrible International Adoption Pediatrician alluded a few months back). His words are coming so quickly it is hard to keep track of all that he can say. For instance, yesterday he specified that he would prefer "pancakes" for breakfast when given two choices. I also heard "train" for the first time later in the day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doctor Doctor Give Me the News

Christian was once again put to the test with multiple doctor visits in a row. He was a bit rowdier than before, but still well behaved and cooperative. His Omma was happy to have the complements of more than one doctors' office employee over the past two days.

On yesterday he went to his 6 month cardio check-up. We had to meet with a different doctor as the one from October took Sprig Break to be with his kids. She was very nice and impressed with how well he has "thrived" over the past months. His weight gain of 5 pounds and other signs of health made her decide that the Echo wasn't needed after all. This made for one happy mama. I had talked to CJ about how pictures would be taken again, but was glad when my preparations were not needed. The doctor did want to make sure I knew that his current excellent status did not mean surgery was never going to be needed. I did appreciate her keeping me grounded.

CJ and I were so lucky that Appa was able to join us yesterday. We had to navigate a large building with lots of supplies and his help was very much appreciated. It was so much easier than before when we had to go alone because Appa was working.

Today CJ and I went for his pediatrician well check-up. This was the first time for us to meet his non-adoption pediatrician (who happens to be located in the same office as mine was when I was a child).  CJ is 50% for weight (30.5 lbs) and height. (2 ft 11.75 in) and everything looked healthy. We were very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the staff. I was glad we arrived early because they called us back right on time. I had yet to finish the paperwork that was requested. All of the people that helped us were  very child centered and CJ felt very comfortable. He did need to get one shot, but other than that the visit was easy. We go back in July for his 3 year visit.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Water Water Every Where

Pondering the Pond
Christian seems to have a bit of an obsession with water. Which is why my school field trip this past week to the cities Japanese Garden made me decide that we needed to take our own family field trip.It was while I was pulling weeds with my students along the banks of the pond and watching the koi swim by that I realized my son would have loved to be with us.

Fascinated by the GIANT Duck
Men with Duck
It was decided that today would be the day for our adventure; so this morning before mass Appa packed a snack bag while I fed CJ a light breakfast. After mass we all went out to eat for real and then headed to the park. From the first sighting of water Christian out of my arms and in heaven. He was fascinated by the ducks, koi and turtles. He enjoyed walking on the stone pathways, and climbing up and down the bridge railings.
Water Lover
Nestled with Omma

Come to Mama
Here Fishy, Fishy

Giant Koi
"What's that?"

After an hour in the Japanese garden it was time for a snack.We started on a seat across from an even larger pond than is inside the Japanese garden.

Feed ME!
Then we walked a bit and climbed atop a large hill. CJ climbed up and down. Getting bites of seaweed from me while at the top. Appa and I lost a few months off our lives watching his uneven balance each time he made his way down again.

"Kiss Me" My Mom's Part Irish

Yesterday Christian and I went to our cities St. Patrick's festival. CJ's godfather Tommy was participating in the parade and his godmom Jen-Jen was there with her sister's family. We had a lot of fun getting to see the huge Budweiser horses, motorcycles, unique cars, and music. In fact when we were walking up, before the parade had started, Christian actually said "a horse"  a few times and pointed at them. It took a second for me to register what he was saying, but as soon as it did I turned back so he could get a closer look.

CJ was fascinated by all of the green and seemed to really enjoy the entertainment while he had lunch - the parade started at noon so I brought food for the sidelines. We both got a lot of exercise. Due to where I parked we ended up walking around the entire outside of the baseball stadium. By the time we got on the freeway afterwords CJ was out like a light. I was glad I had turned down the offer for a late lunch with the rest of the adults.

I wish I had though to take my camera, but it hadn't even crossed my mind. I'm hoping that I will be able to get a few from Jen-Jen's sister - they were better planners than I.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I Learn From Books

It is not uncommon for CJ to demonstrate new skill acquisition to me while I read a favorite book. The first time this occurred one night at bedtime. He picked out I Don't Have Your Eyes by Carrie Kitze.

He had gone through a long phase of asking for this book regularly, but hadn't requested it in awhile. When I got to the first page, and read the line "I don't have your eyes" he responded by saying "eyes" and pointing to his own. As I progressed through the book he did the same with each body part.Before that night I had no idea that he could identify so many body parts and say their names. He had been holding out on me because it wasn't as if I didn't regularly identify body part during his nightly bath.

That brings me to this weekend. CJ was passing out books from his Tomas the Train four book set, and I was given the one dealing with colors. He snuggled down next to me and I began "Blue". He repeated after me, but this wasn't surprising as his that was one of his first words. However, when I turned the page he again parroted the color. "Red" he repeated after me. This pattern continued with green, yellow, orange and white. Normally when Appa or I make any mention of color he acts like he has no idea what we are talking about. We have even discussed the possibility of him being color blind; turns out that isn't as issue after all.