Sunday, January 30, 2011

CJ's Newest Things

Christian is working hard at learning the English language. In the past few days we have heard a lot out of him The list includes:
  • thank you
  • please
  • more food please - a nice little sentence
  • bless you
  • orange - both for the color and the fruit
  • banana
  • Amen (for those who missed it)
We seem to be breaking down the language barrier slowly but steadily. We can't wait for this phase to be over.

He and his Appa have also been working hard on learning parts of the body. This is thanks in part to two favorite books - From Head to Toe by Erick Carle and The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  Both of these books were given to us by a student and have stayed in the living room toy basket since Appa brought them home. I know CJ has an iffinity for them because his Appa makes them so very fun when he reads. He uses different voices for all of the animals in From Head to Toe and makes their animal sounds when Christian does the correct move. For instance, when the crocodile comes wiggling his hips Appa does an impression of The King (aka Elvis). During The Kissing Hand CJ gets into the caressing of ears and kissing of hands that they exchange.

Christian has also been working on going backwards - having mastered jumping up and down and off of steps. Now he regularly turns around to walk backwards in the hallway or while on the trail with Blue. He is also peddling his tricycle backwards when playing in the driveway.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Potty Training

Well we have been working on this for a few weeks now and taking b-a-b-y steps for sure. At school he has been doing very well, but I had only been able to get him to pee and only really right before his bath. Honestly I think he had figured out that using the potty before his bath kept him from accidentally peeing in the bathtub which was the reason it was so easy to get him to use it at that time.

I really had my heart set on using one of those over the toilet seats, but after finding out that he has been going poop on the potty at school for sometime, and having a bit of a battle over just that last night, I finally relented that I just wasn't going to have my way. The larger "scarier?" toilet must be the difference. So today after school we went on an adventure, and in true What to Expect the Toddler Years fashion, we let CJ pick out his very own potty. I mean we put them all out in the isle and let him sit on them to give a test drive. It was obvious which one he preferred.

Well folks this evening we had a double success and he got to place his first "EXCELLENT" sticker on his very own potty. I know this is just one of many b-a-b-y steps, but maybe over Spring break we will all be ready to take the big leap......

Monday, January 17, 2011


I guess this is what happens when Omma gets a little behind. I wanted to share a few pictures that got lost in the shuffle.
CJ and Aunt Robin

Loving his new car.

CJ and Uncle Ryan

Releasing Cabin Fever

Making Tuna Salad


Today Christian Jae-won received the sacrament of Baptism; therefore, becoming a member of our Church. It was a very long day for all three of us, but so worth every minute. Appa had already stayed up way past his bedtime straightening up around the house only to continue once breakfast was over and Omma went to the store. By the time I returned from hunting and gathering Appa was completely worn out and in desperate need of a nap - thankfully I came armed with a latte and ready to tackle the world.

While I prepared for our post sacramental gathering CJ spent most of the morning playing in his room - at my request. He did help make the family clam dip, and much enjoyed licking the spatula, before I returned him to his domain. I told myself there was no reason to feel guilty as he would be the center of attention for many hours later in the day.

Christian was blessed to have four grandmothers, two grandfathers, two uncles, and two aunts in attendance this afternoon. All adults were in agreement that Father Phil did an amazing job with the ceremony and were very impressed with our parish priest. We three already know how lucky we are. I'll pat my own back that CJ handled the water and oils well. I had spent a good deal of time trying to prepare him for the events of the day so he wouldn't freak out.

Most of the family was able to come over to the house after the ceremony. CJ enjoyed being the entertainment and getting to eat to his hearts content. As usual all parties were very impressed with how well behaved our little man is.

Not too long after godmother and godfather left, Appa and I helped my parents out by taking one of my grandmothers home. This also gave a chance for Mamaw and Papaw  (Appa's parents) to babysit their grandson for awhile. It was a true win-win. Appa and I enjoyed a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, an item we've missed having since bring home our lactose intolerant bundle, on the way home.

The after party
Getting into the Loot - Mamaw lends a hand
Before the big event - handing with Pops
Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle George

Pass the Kiddo

CJ always appreciates Father Phil's attention - Anointing with Oil

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We ended the day with take-out Chinese and football. As the game came to an end Mamaw and Papaw said good-byes and I took little man to bed. After such a busy day, without his usual nap, he was more than ready. After reading two books, and three pages of his toddler bible, we move on to his nightly prayers and a new I finished the first prayer with an "Amen" he repeated after me. His was more of an "anen" but the meaning was obvious. I gave him a huge hug and said it again - he repeated. I bet I don't have to tell you that I read a few more prayers than normal this evening, and yes he said amen each time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vocab Increase

It seems like CJ's vocabulary is increasing fast and furious. He gets the cutest little "you caught me face" whenever I realize that he has used a new word. It wish I was able to get it on video tape.

Today he used two new words. The first was a very clear "more" which he used during his afternoon snack. I had given him a glass of soy milk, something he doesn't get too often, and after finishing it off he held out the cup and spoke. I gave him a bit more for his efforts. It worked so well  the first time, he quickly drained the glass, and tried again. I was a sucker for his efforts, but gave him just a bit. The next "more" from him was followed by a "no more" from me.

The second word was "walrus". This might seem an odd word for a two and a half year old to be using, but it makes perfect sense if your dad has a running bath time diatribe which includes a Beatles song and your plastic water animal bath toys. Apparently the penguin and CJ are both egg men while Appa and the walrus are both, well, walruses. When I asked CJ to show me the egg man he quickly found the penguin, but when asked to produce the walrus he decided to be silly and pick up the puffer fish instead. He thought it was super hilarious  and let out a giggle when I told him I knew that was not the walrus. He did eventually find the walrus and when he lifted it out of the water is was accompanied by a very quiet, yet perfectly pronounce, "walrus". He said it a few more time, for my delight, but not nearly as well as the first.