Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mamaw and Papaw Come to Town

On Saturday we were very lucky to have Frig's parents come into town. They got to our house a little after breakfast and stayed until after lunch when nap time started. We spent time at one of the parks we frequent and ate Christian's first Mexican food meal at a restaurant. He loved the never ending chips as he is used to Frig rationing them at home.

I would like to say that it was nice for someone else to be taking the pics for a change - Thanks Mamaw!

About to leave for the park.

Just the three of us.

Me and my little man

Two happy ladies and a squirmy worm

With Papaw

"I'm not too sure about that."   
Always so good at sharing.

Week Seven

This past week I started back to work and Frig stayed home with Christian. We both thought this would play an important part in his attachment with his Appa. I believe it was also rather eye opening for Frig in so far as how hard it really is to be a stay at home parent.

It was also nice because Frig was able to meet Dexter, Christian's friend at the park, and exchange contact information. Now that Christian will be at school during the day he will no longer have unplanned meetings with Dexter at the park We hope that there will be a planned play date in the near future. Frig hopes the play date involves Dexter's Filipino mother making some of her native delicacies.

Chillin' wth Blue

Showin' off  my new haircut.

Showing love for the park

Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Today was my first day back at work. It can best be defined by shock and confusion. Christian was obviously very confused as I pulled out of the garage this morning. Frig says he cried for less than 30 seconds. When I returned he looked equally confused and didn't seem nearly as happy as when Frig would come home. I guess I should be celebrating that I am no longer the only one CJ wants.

On the other hand I went through shock. It was very hard to get into the swing of things and much of it was just going through the motions. I think I did a pretty good job of playing the part though and definitely reminded the students who's boss. There are a few small kinks I need to take care of, but all and all Frig did an amazing job playing my part the last six weeks.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Korean Festival

It was nice to be able to get pics with all three of us.

Yes, he is chewing on his carrier.

Omma and Godmom

Food - worthy of getting out of the carrier!

Why won't she let me do it?

Very cool dancing.

Students from my father's university.

What once was Godmother's then becomes Godson's.

Park - the only other reason to get off Omma's back.

Making his LONG way back to the slide.
Hydrating after park play.

Frig said CJ and I were the topic of many photos today as we walked around the festival and watched the performers. Some of the highlights not pictured here are that I may have a line of FREE Korean lessons and we got Christian's name written in Hangul (Korean alphabet). We were so lucky to have Christian's godparents join us on this special outing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayerful & Pearful Snack

This afternoon I gave Christian canned pears in juice for his snack. I gave him one pear half to start because the last time I gave him pears he had turned them down. Well today he was in a pear mood and that half didn't last long past his prayer. He immediately asked for more, by handing me the bowl and not the fork. I obliged by giving him a second half. He clasped his hands for another prayer, and another, and another. He must have prayed 10 times before he got started on that second pear half. By the end he was even praying along (ie babbling as I said the prayer). He did the same thing for his third half. I wish Frig had been here so we could have gotten the whole thing on tape, but I knew if I got up to get the camera the magic would be lost.


Today the little man experienced his first predawn wake up. He took it amazingly well, and I believe he enjoyed being able to say good-bye to his Appa when he left for work. This was good practice for next week when Omma is going to be the one leaving. We plan on him waking up before I leave so he won't be freaked out that I am not at home by waking after I've left. This will also be a nice transition to waking even earlier the following week when all three of us are going to school.

His appointment today went very well - in and out in just over an hour. He received yet another compliment from a medical worker, I am not sure if she was a nurse or a technician of some sort, for being such a well behaved little man. He had his eyes dilated so we did have to wait for the drops to take effect. The doctor could not find any signs of his eyes being out of alignment, and asked that we come back in six months. However, if nobody sees his eyes crossed between now and then we might forgo the appointment. The doctor said his eyes were perfect from what he could tell and the follow up seemed more for Omma's benefit than anything else.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today Christian and I went on an adventure to Cy-Fair to see the very nice cardiologist. I believe the little guy was a little sad when he realized we were not going to the park after all which is what we normally do after I feed him his 10ish meal. However, he was able to entertain himself with all of the goodies in the bowling bag I use for such occasions. He figured out real fast that I store lots of treats in the bag, and even on Monday at the pediatrician started helping himself to it's contents.

We arrived at the appointment about 25 min early, spoke to reception and took a seat. I gave him some cards to play with and started to fill out the form. It wasn't 10 minutes into it and we were already being called to the back. I was shocked by the efficiency.

The first woman who helped us had me change Christian into a gown, weighed him (26ish pounds), took his height (33ish inches), and did his blood pressure from all four limbs. On Monday CJ hadn't responded too well to the blood pressure monitor, reached at it with his other hand and fussed a bit, but today he didn't even touch the cuff. I have always loved the blood pressure cuff myself so I didn't understand his aversion. Next she did an EKG. For this test she placed 13 VERY sticky "stickers" on his torso and attached a wire to each one. Almost as soon as she got the last wire clipped on the test printed and she was done. I couldn't believe how fast it was.

Next the cardiologist came and spoke to me. He asked what I already knew and commented on the fact that since he was an adoption I probably knew a whole lot. (This means he actually read Christian's file. How amazing!) So I told him what I knew and then he told me more details complete with a diagram that was very geometric and made a whole bunch on sense to me.

So the gist of what is wrong: there is a hole (or maybe two small holes) in the septum (tissue) that separates the left and right ventricles (lower portions) of CJ's heart.  Because there is always a difference in pressure between the left and right side of the heart, and liquid will flow to the area of least resistance, some of his clean blood passes through this hole. The clean blood is then sent to the lungs. This means the lungs are having to accommodate more blood than they really should. It also means the heart is having to do some extra work. Finally, the hole(s) is very close to one of his valves. This may create a problem as the flow through the hole may start to pull the valve as well.

The doctor then said he would like to try and get some pictures of the heart, ultrasound, if we thought Christian would behave. We both agreed CJ seemed most willing to cooperate. During this whole time Christian has been eating a granola bar, and when the doctor leaves us he finishes so I take out a banana. When the banana is done we play with some bubbles. This is when he makes his only sounds of the whole 2.25 hour visit - a few shrieks of glee at the bubbles Omma creates.He gets bored with the bubbles, and goes back to the bag for more food. I direct him to the pretzel goldfish.

It wasn't too much longer and the next technician came to get us for the Echocardiogram (ultrasound). For this test he had to lay on a table, three more stickers with wires were placed on his torso, and by the end LOTS of gel all over his chest and tummy. He laid there for over 15 minutes, I was timing it with the VCR the tech had playing Elmo, and didn't make a peek. In fact the technician said she had NEVER had a two year-old be so still and that included her own two-year old. My son gets the "Best Echo Patient" ever award!!!!

At this point I got to dress the boy and after reading just one book the cardiologist was back to tell us his final prognosis. It is his opinion, I am happy to say, that at this time there is no reason for surgery. He included sound medical reasons such as he is thriving and the hole(s) very well still could heal on it own, but also adoption reason such as since it isn't paramount to correct the hole(s) at this time having CJ go through surgery would not help with his transition and attachment. Did I tell you I liked this doctor yet!?!?!? It is the doctors opinion that Christian should be allowed to experience the holidays and we will go back in 6 months for a follow up.

I am so excited by our whole experience - even the drive 20 plus miles was well worth it. The environment was so much more pleasant and all of the workers were so much calmer and kinder. There wasn't craziness in the elevator to deal with and I didn't have to pay for parking. I know I paid for gas, but trust me it was less. I wasn't able to make the next appointment, it's too far in advance, but if I have anything to do with I will be driving back north come 6 months from now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Christian and I went back to the pediatrician yesterday. I did better than the first time about timing which kept the parking garage fee from being as high. The first time we got there almost an hour early and it hadn't occurred to me how I would be paying for all of that time in parking fees.

Because I wasn't sure how long the appointment would take I took the little man for a very special treat before the doctor. He and I went to Whole Foods and shared a non-dairy frozen treat. It was super yummy, and only the second time we have given him anything like it. He was so happy.

As far as the doctors visit I have finally decided that I don't really care for her. The first two times I wasn't sure, but now I know it to be true. He has a follow-up shot for Hep due it March and I will not be taking him back to that doctor to have it done.

As far as results, all of his shots from Korea took so he doesn't have to redo any of them and all of the big tests (ie HIV, Hep, etc) were negative. He did have some bad stuff in his poop so that test is being redone. I guess it wasn't the vaccines they gave him that led to the diarrhea after all. I took the sample in today in fact, and we hope to have the results by the end of next week or it may effect day care. Also, the heart xray did show that his heart is enlarged.

Stay tuned for cardio and ophthalmology.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Playing with my dog!
Playing with Blue and a ball.
Doing the squat! "Blue please share the toys with me."


  Ball Love

 Patient Appa

 One of these days.

Playing toss with Appa

Practicing the newly learned "high-five" skills - Omma didn't want to have to keep explaining how he didn't know that one yet.

 Taking a ride.

"Thanks for making the park so much fun Appa!"

Christian loves playing outside. Sadly, I don't think the outside cares for him nearly as much. I say this because he gets hurt almost every time we take him to the park. Sometimes the hurts are small, but other times they are not. Twice this week his evening park time turned into evening get hurt in the face time. Consequently there won't be any pics for awhile. Poor little guy. I promise we are not abusing him!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week Without Plans & Food Coloring

I intentionally did not plan any events for this week as next week is going to be a bear. We will spend three of the five days  at various doctors appointment. I am not looking forward to it. He fortunately is happily oblivious to what awaits.

We have been using our time to learning more about playing with toys and helping Omma complete chores. I am not sure which one he likes better. One of his favorite things to do, besides keeping doors closed and buckles buckled, is helping hang up his shirts. How long does this phase last again? Like all good things I know it will come to and end.

Yesterday evening Appa took Christian to the store to get a last minute item to complete dinner. While there the workers asked if they could give our son a LOLLIPOP and Appa consented. Well he didn't even have it for every long, but boy did it make an impact. By the time we made it to the park, after dinner and about an hour later, he was crazed. It was if someone had given our child drugs. He was running around screaming happily as a loon. One of the moms, that has met him three other times and never heard his voice, commented. CJ was happy mind you, but I think Appa learned his lesson. Appa doesn't want Omma or his son anywhere near food coloring if he wants us to act like sane individuals.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Can't Believe My Eyes

Later on we encountered a strange dog while I was holding the leash. Blue went crazy pulling and barking like mad lady. Christian walk over to me and put his hand out to help. I kept holding the leash myself, but I also placed it in his hand. I then told Blue several times in succession that "Christian has the leash." At that point she sat down, and while she still continues to bark it wasn't as loud and she certainly was no longer pulling! I wish there had been a fly on the wall to film that part as all those who know Blue are going to find it very hard to believe.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Male Bonding Take 2

I am currently watching our son as he plays at putting on my jean jacket while his Appa snores on the couch. This will be the first time that either of us has fallen asleep while Jae-won was still up. The little man wore the old man out for good this time you see.

There was much progress made this weekend. Jae-won called his father "Appa" for the first time, and is now giving kisses to both parents. They also made friends with the Father and two boys ages 2 and 4.5 that live two doors down.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week Three in Film

A boy and his dog.

A little pre-mass activity for the little guy.

I bet your thinking he is going to want to swing for the first time aren't you?

Well he had us both fooled then. Yet another set of buckles to be mastered. These require the most help from Omma as they are very tight.

Playing with ancient toys at Nanny's house.

Male Bonding Take 1

The boys and the little lady (that would be Miss Blue) spent several hours alone today. I am told that CJ cried for Omma for a good 45 min after I left, and periodically while I was away. Frig had to manage two meals, and the nap. Apparently Miss Blue actually helped with the nap as opposed to hinder like she does when I am the one facilitating. I guess she knew her dad needed the help.

All and all things seemed have to gone swimmingly. Jae-won did get a little scrap on his knee when they went to the park, but nothing that even needed a band-aid. It took only 45 min to get him to sleep and he was down for 1.5 hours. Not shabby at all for a first try.

They were just waking up when I arrived back from having a few hours to myself. I had used the time to go to a Yoga class, purchase CJ a CD, eat a luscious cheese laden Italian lunch, and take care of grading. I appreciated the affirmations of how hard "it" is, and how Frig "doesn't know how I do it every day" upon my return.

Tomorrow they will try it all over again, but starting a little later in the day. I have tutoring gig very close by that is well worth the money. I'll leave while Frig is feeding lunch and return a bit after 5 PM.

Now it is off for our second try at Mass. I'm holding our breath that it goes as well as last Saturday. Like last week we will finish off the evening with a Sweet Tomatoes feats.