Friday, October 8, 2010

Can't Believe My Eyes

Later on we encountered a strange dog while I was holding the leash. Blue went crazy pulling and barking like mad lady. Christian walk over to me and put his hand out to help. I kept holding the leash myself, but I also placed it in his hand. I then told Blue several times in succession that "Christian has the leash." At that point she sat down, and while she still continues to bark it wasn't as loud and she certainly was no longer pulling! I wish there had been a fly on the wall to film that part as all those who know Blue are going to find it very hard to believe.


  1. So that's what you sound like! :)

    That's awesome that your dog allows Christian to walk him! My dog hates it when Jacob (now 6) holds her while I pick up her droppings, and he doesn't even go anywhere. LOL

    Your family is GORGEOUS!

  2. Nell I didn't even listen to it...too embarrassing. I hope I don't sound like a total goof. THANKS!

  3. Well, He is just a cutie! Doggie and boy! It is amazing how dogs react differently with small children. Some are agressive yet some go into super nurture mode. Blue has been watching her Mommy care sweetly for someone else. I like watching these lil films of him. I would like to see "the boys" play baseball. Has Daddy Astro gotten him to do that yet? Smooches to you all, Aunt Carmen & Aunt Anne

  4. The boys tried t-ball for a bit one Saturday morning. The older one got frustrated that the little one wasn't "doing it right".

  5. OMG! Blue is so good with him and him with her. It is hard to believe. I am a proud aunt, mostly of Blue, truly amazing!!!!

    Not Anonymous,
    Auntie Dee :)

  6. That sounded bad, I am totally proud of little CJ too, just blown away with how good Blue is with him, awesome!!



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