Saturday, October 16, 2010


Playing with my dog!
Playing with Blue and a ball.
Doing the squat! "Blue please share the toys with me."


  Ball Love

 Patient Appa

 One of these days.

Playing toss with Appa

Practicing the newly learned "high-five" skills - Omma didn't want to have to keep explaining how he didn't know that one yet.

 Taking a ride.

"Thanks for making the park so much fun Appa!"

Christian loves playing outside. Sadly, I don't think the outside cares for him nearly as much. I say this because he gets hurt almost every time we take him to the park. Sometimes the hurts are small, but other times they are not. Twice this week his evening park time turned into evening get hurt in the face time. Consequently there won't be any pics for awhile. Poor little guy. I promise we are not abusing him!


  1. It's hard to believe a month has passed already! The happy face Christian shows in just about every pic proves that any boo-boo's are not intentional. It looks like he and Blue are becoming good friends (how is she BTW?).

  2. Love the hugs he gives his Appa, such a sweet picture.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Kate. Blue is doing well. She is almost done with all her meds and goes back to the Dr. on tuesday.

    Breen - :)

  4. Okay - that pic of C hugging his Daddy is priceless! Boys, parks and boo-boos all go together often.

  5. Julie - But why does he have to have so many of them on his face?!?!?!?!?

  6. Ok Ratcliff's! The picture of CJ and Daddy caught me by suprise and tears are still rolling down my face. That picture made me SO HAPPY. I am happy for your new baby love and family. I made my men my screen saver. PRECIOUSNESS!!!!! Lovey! Miss Carmen

  7. Miss Carmen - I believe you have many people in agreement on the pic.

  8. Rach~Like Miss Carmen, I was totally not prepared for the last pic! Tears are seriously falling from my face. In the middle of my computer lab at school. But frankly, that doesn't matter. It just makes my heart happy to see your son home with you and Frig.


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