Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week Three in Film

A boy and his dog.

A little pre-mass activity for the little guy.

I bet your thinking he is going to want to swing for the first time aren't you?

Well he had us both fooled then. Yet another set of buckles to be mastered. These require the most help from Omma as they are very tight.

Playing with ancient toys at Nanny's house.


  1. Thing 2 had one of those little swings: -) He wasn't too thrilled with it at first, but grew to really love it. It got to be a favorite nap place; that swinging motion put him out like a light.

  2. Haha!! Had me fooled for sure!!

    Callie had her's mastered in no time. I still giggle at the fact they both have the same obsessions with buckles!! :)

  3. Kate - Now that the weather is cooling off I hope he decides to try it out.

    Kara - Callie is strong enough to press those buckles in all by herself? I can barely do it ;)


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