Friday, October 22, 2010


Today the little man experienced his first predawn wake up. He took it amazingly well, and I believe he enjoyed being able to say good-bye to his Appa when he left for work. This was good practice for next week when Omma is going to be the one leaving. We plan on him waking up before I leave so he won't be freaked out that I am not at home by waking after I've left. This will also be a nice transition to waking even earlier the following week when all three of us are going to school.

His appointment today went very well - in and out in just over an hour. He received yet another compliment from a medical worker, I am not sure if she was a nurse or a technician of some sort, for being such a well behaved little man. He had his eyes dilated so we did have to wait for the drops to take effect. The doctor could not find any signs of his eyes being out of alignment, and asked that we come back in six months. However, if nobody sees his eyes crossed between now and then we might forgo the appointment. The doctor said his eyes were perfect from what he could tell and the follow up seemed more for Omma's benefit than anything else.


  1. Did I tell you yet that I love the new pic on your blog? So glad to hear that everything is going well medically. I hope everything goes well for you next week when you have to leave him for work. Is Christian starting pre-school the following week? Assuming that answer is "yes," What kinds of things will he be learning?

  2. Thanks for the well wishes on next week. We are all three going to need lots of them. Yes, he will go to preschool the following week. I will send you details on his class :)

  3. Glad to hear everything is going well!
    He is such a little cutie!
    Congrats, again! I hope he's adjusting well to life in North America. Have you learned to speak any Korean? How is he doing with English so far?
    -Danielle (from

  4. Hi Danielle! Well I have learned to speak some Korean. The phrases I use the most are "Don't cry", "Are you sleepy?", "Are you hungry?", and "I love you." He understands a lot of what we say, but isn't speaking yet. From what his FM said he wasn't speaking too much Korean either.


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