Saturday, October 2, 2010

Male Bonding Take 1

The boys and the little lady (that would be Miss Blue) spent several hours alone today. I am told that CJ cried for Omma for a good 45 min after I left, and periodically while I was away. Frig had to manage two meals, and the nap. Apparently Miss Blue actually helped with the nap as opposed to hinder like she does when I am the one facilitating. I guess she knew her dad needed the help.

All and all things seemed have to gone swimmingly. Jae-won did get a little scrap on his knee when they went to the park, but nothing that even needed a band-aid. It took only 45 min to get him to sleep and he was down for 1.5 hours. Not shabby at all for a first try.

They were just waking up when I arrived back from having a few hours to myself. I had used the time to go to a Yoga class, purchase CJ a CD, eat a luscious cheese laden Italian lunch, and take care of grading. I appreciated the affirmations of how hard "it" is, and how Frig "doesn't know how I do it every day" upon my return.

Tomorrow they will try it all over again, but starting a little later in the day. I have tutoring gig very close by that is well worth the money. I'll leave while Frig is feeding lunch and return a bit after 5 PM.

Now it is off for our second try at Mass. I'm holding our breath that it goes as well as last Saturday. Like last week we will finish off the evening with a Sweet Tomatoes feats.

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