Thursday, September 30, 2010

Medical Update

Jae-won and I went back to the Children's Hospital today. He had to have more blood drawn, get his chest xrays done, and have his TB test analyzed. I still needed one more feces sample so I started on the top floor, with the TB test, and worked my way down. I was hoping the poop machine would do his thing before we left, but he was not cooperative. His TB test was negative. The nurse was so cute, I told her why I was there and she responded to bring my son in and she would take a look. You should have seen the surprise on her face when I pointed out he was on my back quiet as a mouse.

Next stop was imagining. He did very well with the xray. He cried a little, but didn't fight me and the technician to badly. She verified the quality before we left and we were good to go after the first try. We ran into a former student Jennifer and her mom. They live just a few blocks away, and I tutored the girl a few summers. Frig and I hope Jennifer, a certified babysitter, will be able to watch Jae-won for us in a few months.

I am a bit perturbed because they did not break up the blood tests anywhere close to even. On Monday they took only three vials while today they needed EIGHT. The little man was so sad, and it took so long. Good thing Omma listened to the tech on Monday and had been giving him lots of grape juice so his blood flow was strong.

I am supposed to hear back from Cardiology by Thursday of next week to set up an appointment with them. I will attempt to call Ophthalmology tomorrow. I imagine both of my men would be very happy if these appointments were completed before Omma goes back to work.

In other Christian Jae-won news:

1) He has learned the wonders that a light switch holds.

2) He is at least trying to spit after teeth brushing. Maybe because he realized Omma wasn't giving him any toothpaste.

3) He put on his own shirt for the first time yesterday.

4) We had our first hotdog, Hebrew Nationals, for lunch today. They went over very well.

5) He loves tacos with hot sauce. We have had fish from El Rey and homemade Turkey.

6) His fasctination with buckles continues. His newest addition being the buckle on the bike helmet.

7) Monday's visit with Nanny, his great-grandma, was a hit. They played ball and peak-a-boo. We look forward to lunch with Mama, another great-grandma, and his Great Aunt Susan tomorrow.

8) Tonight we will be going downtown with his Godparents to listen to some live music outside at the park.


  1. How frustrating on the blood draws! You would think that the professionals would be kind enough to notice, and split it up. Poor little guy!!

    Callie is enthralled with buckles too. Her car seat, the stroller, in the car at the name it, she has to buckle it.

    Interesting thing about the grape juice! I never knew that. Good to know for sure!

    Hope all of your appointments get taken care of before you go back too!

  2. I never knew that about the grape juice either. Sure would have been helpful a few years back

    How long before you have to go back to work? Too soon as far as you're concerned, I'm sure.

    Hebrew National was our first hot dog, too :-)

  3. Kara - Nice to know I'm not the only one with a buckle fanatic. I was able to get all appointments made, but sadly for the same week and 2 are super early.

    Kate - I have to talk with my HR rep. I asked for 6 weeks, but it looks like she gave me 7. This is only an issue because I want to have leave time in case I need it for after his surgery. Also, why do they need proof that I am fit to return to work? I was never not fit to work in the first place. Or at least I don't think I was.


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