Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Chance for Awhile

Today will be the last chance for three whole days. I think we all know what I am talking about. It would be very luck of us to get the call after just 5 working days, and those that know Frig well know that luck is all his. I am not the lucky type. Granted I am also not the betting type so I have fewer chances of winning anything.

Starting today Frig will be Texas History for the next two week, or until I leave for Korea. He was already this same teacher twice this week. Once he was asked ahead of time, but the second day he was called at 10 AM because the sub that took the job was a no show. The district is using a new web based sign-up and there is an issue that our school can no longer be as selective with our substitute selection. Maybe this is what we need to invoke the call. Who knows maybe that is even what the secretary was thinking when she asked Frig to take it on. After all, she has been helping us with the paperwork since the homestudy.

Yesterday, Frig was at home during the day. He admitted that he spent some of the day watching the live feed on the blog. Watching the different people "hit" - there were 21 by the way. He was waiting for someone to comment, and was sad that no one ever did. I thought that was super cute. I don't think I write in such a way that invokes tons of comments, or at least it makes me feel better to think about it that way.


  1. I hope that Frig's luck takes over today...and your posts ARE worthy of comments! Though for some reason I come up visiting from I'LL most of the time. Wishing you LUCK.

  2. Hoping you get the call! I keep checking my feeds and FB to see if you got the call.

    PS Hi Frig :)

  3. Well, If I would have know Mr. Friggy was waiting for some words then by goodness I would have been all over it. I saw he called me though. Easier. Hope you all get the ring. Think of all the Texas History he'll be brushing up on to tell our "new" Texan about. Yea! Miss Carmen


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