Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Week Home

Today is the one week anniversary of the little man coming home. He is sleeping through the night, and fighting me for naps. I keep trying to tell him that his Uncle thoroughly prepared me for any level of tantrum he wants to throw. I will just love him and hold him and come hell or high water he will take a nap.

The rest of his tantrums are super short. I think more out of frustration at not being able to communicate with me the way that he could with his FM. I can't wait for him to say his first English word. We figure "more", "shoe", and "Blue" are all in the running.

I though I would include a few tips (at only 9 days in) for others thinking about adopting a toddler:

1) If you aren't in shape get in shape! I weight lift via yoga, but you better be doing something or you are going to HURT! I am feeling this.

2) His FM was able to show him my picture for just 2 months and he recognized when I walked in the door. He has called me Omma since those first few hours together. Now try telling an 8 month old "this is going to me your forever Mom".

3) My mom keeps saying "I just love that age" and now I understand. He is helpful, playful, observant, and loving.

4) I can tell that Korean food gives him comfort so I would keep that in mind. If your child is coming from a different culture incorporate his or her food into what your family eats.

5) Amazingly the experts are right - he does seem to be regressing a bit. Especially when it comes to naps. I wish I could go back in time and ask the FM how she got him to take his naps back when he didn't go to sleep on his own.

6) If your kiddo knows a different language learn as much of it as you can. The few key phrases I know have been invaluable. CJ already knows when I am asking if he is hungry or thirsty because I used both languages every single time for the first week we were together.

If there is anything I haven't touched on, that you are curious about, please ask away. I will tell you about our experience to date.

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