Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our First Weekend

I would like to start this post off by asking why does everyone say "sleep when he sleeps" when they should really be saying "drinks lots of caffeine"?

It is easy to get him to go to sleep at night, bath, jammies, teeth brushing and he is out. During the day is a whole other story.

Both Friday and Saturday nights we took him to the park after dinner, when it was cooling down, to give him a little exercise before bedtime. He is our little monkey man, and so fearless. Up and down the slide.

We had a rough start today as he went to sleep at 8 he was up at 6, but not really up. I should have let him hang out quietly in bed as long as he was willing, but I wasn't that smart. We went to Big Lots and thankfully they still had the umbrella strollers I'd been eying. The walk with him and Blue really mad strides in developing their relationship.

Here are some pics from Friday and Saturday.


  1. It looks like Christian and Blue get along rather well from your pics.

  2. Blue is being very patient. We didn't take any pics of him scream bloody murder because she got too close and her slinking away like "I'm being so nice why won't you like me?" But today went for a walk in the drizzle and it seemed to make some headway in their relationship.

  3. He is soooooo precious. I'm so happy for you, Rachel. Tears. And I have to agree since I could never sleep when M did. Drink CAFFEINE while he is sleeping! ;)

  4. Julie - You're comment gave me a chuckle. I am actually highly susceptible to the effects of caffeine. All I need is half a cup in the morning and it will carry me through to the night.


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