Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Weekend

My parents had come into town on Thursday for a doctors appointment, and thankfully had decided to stay the night. We were very lucky that they were still in town on Friday and able to celebrate with Frig and I. We went to happy hour with awesome apps, Frig and I had both neglected to eat lunch, and had a late dinner where my brother joined in.

Yesterday morning all five of us went to breakfast at a local Greek-American location, and then we ran by Target to get a few last items for the bathroom. At that point my folks dropped us off and headed home. We will miss not seeing them for a few weeks, but we all know that it will be what is best for Christian.

In the afternoon Frig and I watched a POV episode about a Chinese adoptee. We had tried to watch Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy with my folks on Thursday evening but the TV would not cooperate to let us see PBS. There were parts of the episode that were hard to watch, but I believe it was good for us. I also believe it was a motivator. When we got home from mass we worked on our Korean language and we plan to work more on it today as well.

So far I have been unable to appreciate my last few nights of what is supposed to be uninterrupted sleep. I keep waking up with irrational fears and find it hard to fall back asleep. For instance, last night it was a worry that I had given the travel agent the wrong birth date for Christian. This is after having checked over all three birth dates at least a dozen times and even verifying that I had used the right one for my sister. I know when my sister birthday is, but I am just that paranoid I needed confirmation. When I typed in both of our passport numbers and expiration dates I can't tell you how many times I compared what was on the screen to what was on the paper in my hand. I wonder if a woman about to give birth suffers from the same sleep depriving anxiety - of course by a week before the due date I would imagine sleep would be hard for other reasons as well.

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