Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Carrier

I belong to a message board for parents adopting from Korea. Time and again the topic of baby carriers comes up. I have to say I am super thankful it came up as often as it did or I most likely wouldn't have invested in one.

The first time I asked Jae-won ("Chey-won") to get into the carrier he was confused. I think because it is a different type from what he was used to. The second time my sister helped and gave him a traditional Korean cookie once he was in. The third time he didn't need any help, but sure liked the cookie. It has been smooth sailing ever since. Don't get me wrong, a stroller would have been great when we were waiting in the customs line at DFW, but the carrier has so many high points it is a MUST have.

When we went to the grocery store he helped me carrier the bananas. We can dance together. It puts him right to sleep for a nap or bed time. I can clean, and he helps by grabbing for the broom (so cute). He was trained for a carrier, and I am so glad I am taking advantage of this.

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  1. I love this!! I have talked with so many baby/toddler wearing moms, and wish I would have done this with Callie. What special memories you are making, plus the bonding has got to be amazing!! So happy for you!!


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