Friday, September 3, 2010

The Rest

My study lab actually sat in their seats, doing their thing, for several minutes after the lunch bell rang. When I finally motioned that they could leave L.L. made a rather shocked comment to have realized that I was in class. The kids had been so quiet she had no idea. They actually weren't even talking as they left, but only the noise of books - papers - chairs.

Frig was at school today, but in the room farthest away from mine (three floors up and the diagonal corner) after the phone call I literally ran for it. I knew he was in his study lab so it wasn't like I was going to interrupt his class. I got to his door and held up the phone. He looked at me, looked at the phone, and ran across the room to give me a hug.


  1. What a sweet story to share with Christian when he gets older. Your class must have great respect for you, that is wonderful.

  2. I'm seriously tearing up. What a wonderful day for you and Frig!! Congrats, my sweet friend!!

  3. Once again I'm tearing up reading this post. What a special moment between you and Frig.

    So when you travel how long will you be gone? Will you update from Korea? Or will you have Frig update?

    Can't wait to see pics of Christian in your arms!

  4. Breen - I'm not sure if I will update from Korea, but I am 100% sure Frig won't be doing. I don't have enough time to teach him how ;)

  5. Yes she is correct. She doesn't have enough time to teach me how to do the blog but, I will still be watching and listening to all the feedback you have for us. I will try to be dillegent about responding to posts. What I'm most worried about is teaching MATH. To quote "Bones" from Star Trek, "Damn it Jim, I'm an English teacher not a number cruncher!"

  6. This gave me chills and tears at the same time. So very exciting.


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