Friday, September 17, 2010

Honeymoons Are Amazing

The past few days have been nothing less than amazing. I have the most amazing son. When I walked into the meeting room on Tuesday September 14 at 13:30 he recognized me right away. I would be lying if I said he looked super happy to see me, but that is to be expected. He knew my arrival would mean the end of his 12 months with Foster Mom, stopped playing with his toys, and he ran back towards her. It was the saddest thing you have ever seen - watching the two of them say good-bye to eat other. His FM talked a lot; it was great that she was so sharing. Our son is so lucky to have had such an amazing FM this past year.

I kept a handwritten journal during our trip, at least until I had a toddler to keep me busy, so the little man will have a detailed record. After he was in the picture we have all of the video and well pictures to document. Maybe in the next few weeks I will find the time to come back and tell you the day to day stuff. For now I figure what everyone really wants to know about is the star.

He is a quiet and shy introvert. When he does speak it can barely be heard. He is constantly watching his surroundings which makes it next to impossible to pull one over on him. No hiding that ______ (fill in the blank) he saw exactly where you put it.

FM says he loves to climb and I didn't find out how true that was until the plane. I thought he liked to climb in the ballroom and we got some pretty good pics to document it all. I didn't know she meant he would like to climb on my arms, shoulders, neck, face, and head.

Our son gulps water like a pro and likes being a big boy with a cup or water bottle. He also enjoys barley tea or rice milk, but water will do and lots of it.

He is super lovey and likes to cling both when he is awake and asleep. Likes getting kisses and has even given me one of my own.

He has the cutest little squeal when he thinks something is funny. His favorite thing to say is "Moya" which mean "what is this". He says it whenever something happens he didn't expect or when he finds a new "toy" or food item.

He is an eater. Muscles, fish, noodles, all fruit, broccoli, beef, potato, corndog, chips, you name it he wants it. In fact it would be easier to list the things he hasn't seemed to like - ketchup and overcooked tomato. FM says she had to limit his food and it took awhile to figure out what she meant. First, he will put bites of food into his mouth until his chubby little cheeks are full and not have taken one swallow. Then when he does start to chew his mouth is so full that the food kind of starts to come back out. Second, if anyone around him starts to eat, even if he just finished eating a bit ago, well of course he wants to eat too.

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