Friday, September 10, 2010

Foster Mom Letter

I have been going back and forth on writing the Foster Mom a letter. Don't get me wrong, I believe she deserved one, I just didn't think anything I wrote could ever be good enough. This morning, on the way to school no less, I decided good enough or not I had to write one. This created two problems. First, would I be able to find any paper worthy of such a letter in my classroom. Second, would I be able to find Xena and would she be able to translate for me.

Paper problem) I knew I had some paper in my classroom from when I worked at a stationary and gift store during college. I couldn't really recall what it looked like and I wasn't exactly sure where I had it hidden. After much opening an closing of drawers and doors I found one card stock Thank you note and some half-sheet decorative paper. The card stock wouldn't do since I need two versions of the letter. I took the paper out of the bag and it was PERFECT. The background looks like a sky at dusk and at the top of the page is a globe, but not just any globe. The globe has been molded into the shape of a heart, the continents are golden, and the whole thing radiates with a rainbow edge.

Xena problem) That was actually pretty easy. I went out the front doors and asked the first eighth grader I saw if she knew were Xena would be in the morning. Thankfully she directed me to the correct location - the cafeteria. When I got to the cafeteria I quickly spotted her cohort, but was told she wouldn't arrive for at least 5 more minutes. I wrote a pass, but basically by the time I made it back to my room she was there. I got very emotional when asking her to write the letter, teared up, and asked her if I could have a hug. I don't know what I would have done without all of Xena's help this year and last. I now have two versions of the "Foster Mom" letter on my desk.

The letter is simple and short, but I hope it conveys to the Foster Mom how much in her debt Frig and I are for all of her love and care these past months.


  1. You made me cry, I'm so happy for you guys! I wanted to hug you today and wish you a safe trip but I got sick and had to leave early. I know we won't get to see you for six weeks but Ramiro and I wish you the best of luck on your trip and your family bonding time. Tell Chris thanks for watching my classes today. Love you guys, take care.

  2. Absolutely Amazing! I know the foster mom will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Have a safe and fun trip. Take lots of pics and most importantly soak in every moment of holding your son for the first time. Hugs! I'll be thinking about you next week.

  3. You are so sweet and thoughtful - and that stationery sounds like it was perfect!
    I'll be thinking & praying for you this weekend!!!! :)

  4. Ok I know you all are home now it is Friday Sept 17th. Throw us a BONE and give us some pictures of the lil man!!!!! Aunt Carmen & Aunt Anne


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