Saturday, September 4, 2010

Travel Plans Made

Sister and I will leave the US next Saturday. She and I will converge on Dallas' DFW airport in the morning and leave for Seoul right around noon. We will arrive in Seoul the following day, Sunday, as we will lose a day going there. Our return flights get us back to DFW for Thursday morning the 16th. At that point our paths will diverge again, but not before she gets to see us off (thank goodness).

We will have to wait for Tuesday (9/7) to know where we will be staying and exactly which day, Monday (9/13) or Tuesday (9/14), we will pick Christian up. We had a lot of constraints on us when making the flight arrangements due to Labor Day making communication difficult and there being a Korean Holiday on September 15 (Chuesok).

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  1. Woohoo! Travel dates set and potential pick up date. So exciting! So in about a week and a half you will have your little boy! YAY!


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