Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grandparent Visits & Mass

This weekend we are giving each set of grandparents a one hour "sightseeing tour" of their grandson. Since Frig and I am working very hard on bonding and attachment we are asking that they do not touch or perform any other care taking while here.

We are currently one down and one left to go. Yesterday went well. Of course he was shy and played opossum as far as being sleepy was concerned, but finally started to show his true monkey man colors towards the end. I hope today goes as well.

Yesterday evening we took the little guy to mass for the first time. When we picked a pew second from the back we could tell the two single men in close proximity were not too pleased. We think our little man had them apologizing for thinking ill of him by the end.

I did realize not to long into it that if he was able to stay quiet for the first seven hours of a fourteen hour plane ride that he mostly likely could do one hour of quiet in a Church. He did start fidgeting during the Homily. I remember that was always the hardest part for me as a child as well. Also, there was a family of four that came in a little later than us and took the seats directly in front of ours and their four-ish daughter started coloring on one of the envelopes. Well that got Jae-won thinking and he decided it was time to look through the books. We are lucky he knows how to treat books with care.


  1. I bet it was hard for the GP's to not give him a hug. Did Jae give you any idea of what he thought about these new experiences?

  2. He was very tired both days. Overall I think they made a positive first impression. I believe the first one went so well that he opened up faster the second go around.


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