Monday, September 27, 2010

Shots and Mongolia Spots

Today our little man spent 3 hours at Texas Children's Hospital being poked and prodded. To start the pediatrician asked a bunch of questions about development, and had him show her how he could draw. She tried to get him to speak, even gave him a phone, but mum was the word. She answered all of my questions: lactose intolerance and calcium, caring for an uncircumcised penis, teeth grinding, and making sure we aren't over feeding. She also did a once over checked his heart and such. She was so good she got down on his level and never once asked him to come out of my arms and get on the table.

After we were done with the doctor a nurse came in and he received three shots - 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. He also had a TB test. He had to get on the table to have these complete. Finally we went down to get his blood drawn. The moment he was placed on the table he started to scream. He learned fast that what happens on the table is never pleasant.

He really was a champ. I brought lots of yummy snacks and they did their job keeping him occupied. We do have to go back on Thursday for more blood work, TB test needs to be checked, and he will have a chest Xray as well. I believe will need to load the bag with even better food this time.

Also, we learned that what we thought was a bruise on his tale bone is actually a Mongolian Spot. I have heard of these, but never noticed a reference in his paperwork to him having one. This was a relief, especially to Frig, as he has been super worried that the "bruise" didn't seem to be healing.


  1. uggh! i hated taking the Things to the ped when it was time for shots. Thing 1 still screams bloody blue murder when they stick that needle in him. what IS a mongolian spot?

  2. A Mongolian Spot is a birthmark that normally goes away. Jae-won's looks just like a bruise. It is rather large, maybe 7 inches by 5 inches, which is why Frig was so worried. You can google it to see pics of what they kind of look light. His is rather light in color. Some of the pics I found were really dark.


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