Friday, February 3, 2012

Alphabet Soup

"S-T-O-P, stop Mommy, and there's going to be another one." I hear this each morning as we approach the first of two stop signs on our way out of the neighborhood. CJ is now able to quickly recognize his letters and digits.

"Brochiosaurs can't read Mommy!" CJ tells me last night when I suggested that his stuffed animal should read him his bed time stories. This was a gift from my cousin and the first stuffed animal he has grown attached to since he arrived.

"What time is it Mommy?" CJ is learning about time and is very curious about the current time and the passing of time.

"What's next Mommy?" Christian is always very curious about our next sequence of events. When you tell him the very next thing it will always be followed by "And then what's next Mommy?"

"Christian Jae-won __________" CJ was very proud of himself once he was able to clearly say his full name.

"Why?" CJ is deep into his why phase.