Thursday, December 30, 2010

Listen Close - He Speaks

Part of hearing him would be that like always my parents were right, and part of it would also be all of the time we have been spending together these past two weeks. By my parents being right I mean that when they were in town at the start of December they told me he was speaking English, but Appa and I just weren't listening. I had a brief talk with CJ's teacher at the start of last week and she told me she was working with him on opening his mouth wider when he speaks. She, like my parents, mentioned how he is very quiet when he talks. I have also realized that he tends to only say part of the words.

On his list of most common words and phrases would be: hot, again, like this, this one, mine and no. Hot is missing the "h" sound and again is missing the "a". No sounds more like "nana" while mine is "ma". The last one is very confusing and forces us to listen super careful to hear when he is saying "ma" and when he is saying "omma" because the "o" tends to get lost.

Last night he said "pa" as he was reading/looking through his bible. I had just read a few pages and then past the book on to him while I started the ABCs book. He said "pa" a few more times so I figured he was trying to tell me something. I wasn't sure if he was saying "pa" or "ba" so I tried both and could tell from his expression that "pa" was the right sound.

I asked "What is pa?"
He let out a giggle.
I asked again, and he got frustrated.
I said "Do you mean Appa?" and he touched is forehead.
I asked "Do you love Appa?" and he finished the sign of the cross - three taps on his chest.
I said "Does 'pa' mean prayer?" and he giggled again, hid his eyes, and shook his head yes.
I said prayer a few times and he repeated after me each time with "pa".
I got out the prayer book his godparents gave him and we read a few prayers.

The lesson learned is to listen very carefully as you never know when God might be talking to you.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


CJ had an amazing holiday - Appa and I have been trying very hard to keep him from getting too spoiled this Christmas.

Trimming the Tree

Cousins at Great-Grandma's

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Nannu
Aunt Robin and Grandpa
Mommy and CJ

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This weekend the three of us will take our first road trip across our great state. I hope this doesn't ruin CJ for the car seat forever. As it stands he doesn't mind getting in the car. I don't know if that will still be the case after his 5 hour stint this coming Friday.

I have already done most of the packing because tomorrow is the school Christmas party and I am getting to attend. I believe I have everything we will need, but I am sure we will find that I have forgotten something. That being said I have already filled four bags.

Appa is working at a different campus from me on Friday and they get out a bit latter. As opposed to riding through rush hour we plan to come home for play time, dinner, and bath before getting in the car. This should mean that CJ falls asleep for most of the ride up. It will be the Saturday trip to Great-grandma's (2 hours each way) and the Sunday ride home (we are trying to take advantage of nap time) that will be the ultimate tests.

Please think of us this weekend as we test ourselves. This will not be for the faint of heart!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Godparents Save Dinner

I went to yoga after school today for the first time in at least two months. Right about the time when we started to settle in I started working late two nights a week and felt it unfair to go to yoga any of the other nights. We had planned to have the same spaghetti from Friday and nobody that knew the plan was very excited about them.

Right before I left for the Y Godfather Tommy called with an invite for a Pho dinner at his house. How could we turn him down? It was hard for me to get into my class as visions of Vietnamese danced in my head. When I got home CJ had worn himself out and was ready to eat. I gave him a few sweet potatoes and he was very upset that was all. He was certainly worried that he wasn't going to get enough to eat. I told him several times that we were going out to eat in an attempt to calm him down.

When we first arrived for dinner Godfather was alone and busily working in the kitchen. I offered to help, but it took awhile for him to accept the offer. Godmom works later and it took her bit to show as she had to stop at the store for a few key ingredients: chicken, noodles and WINE!

While the dinner finished the two Appas looked on as Godmother played with CJ, They were so cute. She commented on how all of his shyness has washed away since the baptism classes on October. Something I had told her, but she had yet to see in person. It really is an amazing transformation.

Well the dinner was a big hit and Christian had his first brownies for dessert. By the end of the evening Jenn and Tommy were certainly among the little man's favorite people. We were sad we had to go so quickly, but it is a school night and we have to wake so very early. Speaking of sleeping and waking both of the guys are already passed out and I think it is time for me to join them.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tree Trimming

Yesterday Christian and I went out and bought what is my very first artificial Christmas tree.We are happily expecting Aunt Robin to visit us for a few days and she doesn't need any extra reason to have allergies when in town. I am pretty happy with the tree for several reason - the top two being less mess and it is a "slim" tree so it takes up less spaces than real tress we have purchased in the past.

This morning after I did a bit of rearranging of furniture, and cleaning which I could not control, I asked Christian to come and help me put the tree in its place. I wish Appa had been there with the camera to see his face. CJ was so surprised when I plugged in the tree and the lights came on, but Appa had been in the garage getting down the Christmas boxes.

Well it took a few tries to get the tee up correctly, and CJ wanted to be helpful so the two adults had to keep their patience about how much longer everything was taking, but we were finally ready to put on a few ornaments. Christian was very helpful as Omma carefully picked the decorations he should hang. However, his interest in the whole affair quickly faded. Appa and I decided that the bulk of the decorating should be completed at a later time, and some outside playing was in order.

While CJ played, Appa made lunch and I worked on getting a few outside lights up. I decided that this year was not a good year for battling with hanging lights on the eaves. It is always such a struggle to get them up and with our helpful toddler it would only be more so this year. Maybe the icicle lights will come out again when CJ is a little more independent, but for now a few on the bushes and the porch will have to do. Well once I had all of the lights up I realized I had a male end nearest me and the extension cord, but thankfully Appa saved the day with an easy fix to my dilemma.

After we ate Christian, Appa and I opened the Nativity set his Mamaw and Papaw gave to him. It had a lot of packaging and CJ was very helpful in throwing it all away when we are done. I have been trying to teach him about the baby Jesus using a book that was mine, but I know he doesn't yet understand what these new "toys" are all about.

After putting CJ down for a nap I headed out for my weekly tutoring gig, but when I returned I finished working on getting the house festive for the upcoming holiday. When he woke it was very cute to see his face when he first noticed the stockings I hung.

This morning I started some chili while the little man ate breakfast. Knowing we had a big day ahead of us I didn't want to have to think about dinner after decorating all day. Appa and I have been sneaking tastes out of the crock pot all day, and are just about to get bowls full for a meal. Appa and son have just returned from turning on the outside lights for the first time. I was told that I did a very good job - CJ was enthralled.