Monday, December 6, 2010

Godparents Save Dinner

I went to yoga after school today for the first time in at least two months. Right about the time when we started to settle in I started working late two nights a week and felt it unfair to go to yoga any of the other nights. We had planned to have the same spaghetti from Friday and nobody that knew the plan was very excited about them.

Right before I left for the Y Godfather Tommy called with an invite for a Pho dinner at his house. How could we turn him down? It was hard for me to get into my class as visions of Vietnamese danced in my head. When I got home CJ had worn himself out and was ready to eat. I gave him a few sweet potatoes and he was very upset that was all. He was certainly worried that he wasn't going to get enough to eat. I told him several times that we were going out to eat in an attempt to calm him down.

When we first arrived for dinner Godfather was alone and busily working in the kitchen. I offered to help, but it took awhile for him to accept the offer. Godmom works later and it took her bit to show as she had to stop at the store for a few key ingredients: chicken, noodles and WINE!

While the dinner finished the two Appas looked on as Godmother played with CJ, They were so cute. She commented on how all of his shyness has washed away since the baptism classes on October. Something I had told her, but she had yet to see in person. It really is an amazing transformation.

Well the dinner was a big hit and Christian had his first brownies for dessert. By the end of the evening Jenn and Tommy were certainly among the little man's favorite people. We were sad we had to go so quickly, but it is a school night and we have to wake so very early. Speaking of sleeping and waking both of the guys are already passed out and I think it is time for me to join them.


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