Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Baking

Thanks to CJ I have a renewed interest in baking. I had always enjoyed baking; starting as a very young child with my paternal grandfather. I'm not talking fancy baking. No cakes worthy of a picture frame. Just simple baked goods made from scratch.

However, as a married women my opportunities to hone my baking skills were few until my son's arrival. You see, his Appa doesn't really care for sweets.While I wouldn't complain about eating a cake or loaf of  quick bread all by myself it just never seemed worth the effort. Now that my eating machine has joined us, I have taken to baking for the two of us. Appa joins us in the rare slice, but mostly the little guy and I do all of the heaving lifting.

Speaking of how this little guy eats. My mother refers to the way in which many of my family members eat, including myself, as having a particular type of appetite. She calls it a "My Maiden Name" Appetite. It means you eat big and you get seriously grumpy if not fed in a timely manner. I decided this weekend that CJ was sent one of these type of appetites all the way to Korea. I hope this isn't the only thing he and I have in common. It isn't my strong suit that's for sure.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


It all started with Appa's deep desire to share some of his favorite PBS cartoons with CJ. Netflix lent a hand when a few weeks back they started free streaming Dinosaur Train. They had shared this particular show before, but it hadn't made the impact that Frig was longing for. Well those times have changed for sure.

Now CJ is in deep infatuation with all things dino. Thankfully both his Mamaw and his Grandma had already made meal time purchases that feed the dinosaur fetish. Specifically Mamaw bought a "Christian" place-mat and Grandma a bowl and spoon with are of this most important theme before he was even home with us.

Pointing out that his daily vitamins and two of his t-shirts fuel the newest obsession brought smiles and giggles. Then I remembered two small dino stuffed animals. They had made their way to the middle of the basket full of so many neglected stuffed toys. He recognized their features immediately and took to the three of them having a very animated conversation. This was one evening close to bedtime, so they didn't get attention for too long. The next morning, after CJ was dressed for school, he had to return to his little dino's to give them both kisses goodbye. Too Cute!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Boss

For those of you that don't know, basically those that have never met him, Frig is a huge Boss fan. About two weeks ago he started trying to teach his son how important The Boss is by showing him videos on the computer. I didn't know how much of a impact those session had had until today.

I was taking advantage of the "Icy Road Day" to do some deep cleaning in the kitchen and had started up the CD player. We hadn't used the CD player since Christian first came home because we hadn't been able to keep him from playing with it and the tuner so early in our meeting. I felt certain a few stern "no touch"es would do the trick, which they did, so I started it up today. Well CJ was sitting on the couch reading the famed From Head to Toe when the CD changed to The Boss. Frig called me to come look - CJ was bouncing up and down to the music. His Appa couldn't be more proud - success!

This was a few days ago. Christian had led his Appa towards the office affirming, when asked, that he wanted to watch more music. It was a good thing CJ saw me trying to be sneaky because they had stopped the performance I was trying to catch until they knew they were being watched.


That is the temperature reading that sent this new mom into a tail spin late Wednesday morning. Christian had been feeling badly since Monday night. He had been very whinny after school and then the real clue to illness was that he let Appa feed him almost his whole dinner. CJ got started on his own, but made such little progress that Frig took over after he was finished with his own meal. Normally the little guy wants to feed himself right up to the very end when it gets difficult to get the last bits, but not that night. After he finished eating I picked him up from his chair to take him to the bath and could immediately tell that he was hotter than normal. It was if the fever had kicked in while he was eating.

Tuesday morning he woke us up 45 min earlier than usual and it was obvious he couldn't go to school. I took an underarm temperature and it was around 102 F. I put in for a substitute, but wanted the kids to get the most out of there day so we all three headed up to school super early so I could prepare. I setup the little man in my comfy chair and took a hard plastic one for myself. He just laid there watching me and eventually even feel asleep.

Once we got home I opened up my trusty What to Expect the Toddler Years to find out all about fevers. The verdict was that 102 wasn't really hot enough to start totally freaking out just yet. I put him in more breathable clothes, got him to drink a whole bunch of water, and used a Thomas the Train video to "trick" CJ into a morning couch nap. He was super lethargic the rest of the day, as to be expected, and when I took his temp before his bath it had risen to a level that  made me prepare my mind for a doctor visit the next day.

Wednesday morning was a repeat of Tuesday including the lower temp. I decided maybe the doctor wasn't needed after all when I once again went with a morning couch nap for the two of us. The difference was when he woke at 11 he was ON FIRE! I really didn't need to take his temp to know something was wrong it was more like I needed to know how wrong it was. I immediately called the doctor I had picked to be his pediatrician. To my HORROR I found out I needed to have taken steps to make him a patient prior to the first visit. The lady on the other end of the phone told me my options and they sounded bleak: previous pediatrician (lady with horrible bedside manner I swore I would never have to deal with again all the way on the 11th floor of the big hospital), ER (huge fine from insurance if not admitted), or urgent care clinic (where do I find one of those).

I got online to use the doc find and discovered all urgent care facilities covered by my insurance are FAR from where I live. Then I saw the option of "walk-in clinic". There was one close by but they are manned by nurse practitioners and I wasn't sure if that would cut it. I used the nurse line to get some advice, and after a sometimes tear filled conversation, I loaded myself and CJ into the car.

We got super lucky that there was no line when we got to the clinic. The nurse looked at his throat and immediately declared the flu. She told my "little pumpkin" that he really knows how to run a high fever and scare his mommy. I bet she could see the fright on my face. Well CJ got hooked up with the super flu prescription, meds for congestion, and suggested vitamins. The nurse even helped me find what we need on the shelf. It was a good experience, and I am sure it took a whole lot less time and money than a doctor would have.

CJ is now full into recovery. He had much of his energy back today, and yesterday he had started being a teaser again. Although I do have to say that it has been nice to do some deeper attaching while he has wanted to be babied these past few days and nights (except for the not sleeping at night part!). Next week I will take steps to get Christian set up to see the pediatrician the next time he gets sick or needs a regular check-up which ever comes first.