Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Baking

Thanks to CJ I have a renewed interest in baking. I had always enjoyed baking; starting as a very young child with my paternal grandfather. I'm not talking fancy baking. No cakes worthy of a picture frame. Just simple baked goods made from scratch.

However, as a married women my opportunities to hone my baking skills were few until my son's arrival. You see, his Appa doesn't really care for sweets.While I wouldn't complain about eating a cake or loaf of  quick bread all by myself it just never seemed worth the effort. Now that my eating machine has joined us, I have taken to baking for the two of us. Appa joins us in the rare slice, but mostly the little guy and I do all of the heaving lifting.

Speaking of how this little guy eats. My mother refers to the way in which many of my family members eat, including myself, as having a particular type of appetite. She calls it a "My Maiden Name" Appetite. It means you eat big and you get seriously grumpy if not fed in a timely manner. I decided this weekend that CJ was sent one of these type of appetites all the way to Korea. I hope this isn't the only thing he and I have in common. It isn't my strong suit that's for sure.

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