Sunday, February 20, 2011


It all started with Appa's deep desire to share some of his favorite PBS cartoons with CJ. Netflix lent a hand when a few weeks back they started free streaming Dinosaur Train. They had shared this particular show before, but it hadn't made the impact that Frig was longing for. Well those times have changed for sure.

Now CJ is in deep infatuation with all things dino. Thankfully both his Mamaw and his Grandma had already made meal time purchases that feed the dinosaur fetish. Specifically Mamaw bought a "Christian" place-mat and Grandma a bowl and spoon with are of this most important theme before he was even home with us.

Pointing out that his daily vitamins and two of his t-shirts fuel the newest obsession brought smiles and giggles. Then I remembered two small dino stuffed animals. They had made their way to the middle of the basket full of so many neglected stuffed toys. He recognized their features immediately and took to the three of them having a very animated conversation. This was one evening close to bedtime, so they didn't get attention for too long. The next morning, after CJ was dressed for school, he had to return to his little dino's to give them both kisses goodbye. Too Cute!


  1. We have many dino things here, too. Even a few dino toys I bought from Carnegie Museum when I was little -back in the Jurassic Period ;-) Both of the Things went through the dino phase big time. Didn't Connor send CJ a dino puzzle?

  2. My mom warned me this weekend that this may be a long lasting thing. He sent more than one as a matter of fact. Thank him again for us!


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