Friday, February 4, 2011

The Boss

For those of you that don't know, basically those that have never met him, Frig is a huge Boss fan. About two weeks ago he started trying to teach his son how important The Boss is by showing him videos on the computer. I didn't know how much of a impact those session had had until today.

I was taking advantage of the "Icy Road Day" to do some deep cleaning in the kitchen and had started up the CD player. We hadn't used the CD player since Christian first came home because we hadn't been able to keep him from playing with it and the tuner so early in our meeting. I felt certain a few stern "no touch"es would do the trick, which they did, so I started it up today. Well CJ was sitting on the couch reading the famed From Head to Toe when the CD changed to The Boss. Frig called me to come look - CJ was bouncing up and down to the music. His Appa couldn't be more proud - success!

This was a few days ago. Christian had led his Appa towards the office affirming, when asked, that he wanted to watch more music. It was a good thing CJ saw me trying to be sneaky because they had stopped the performance I was trying to catch until they knew they were being watched.


  1. Jesus Christ Superstar. The Boss. April Bdays. I think Frig and I must be somehow related :-) CJ gets more adorable with each day.

  2. You never know - he is adopted after all ;)


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