Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holt Family Picnic

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending a family picnic sponsored by our international adoption agency. We were all three very much looking forward to the event, and it did not disappoint. CJ was excited to meet other families where the child would be “Asian just like me” while the parents would be white like Daddy and I. It was very cool because while some of those children were close to CJ’s age there were also families where the “child” was now in their thirties.
Some families eat an amount of Korean food and try to introduce to their child to Korean culture while others do not. It was nice to see the spectrum. Of course, it is easier for us that for others because of our location close to an H Mart; living in a large city with a nice sized Korean community nearby.
We met two families that live relatively close that have boys near CJ’s age. One family the boy is closer to his age, at 5, while the other family had more in common with mommy and daddy. We exchanged information and hope to meet with each family again for play dates.
There was an adult adoptee that helped to coordinate the event. She had come into town to make purchases at H Mart for the event. Apparently it takes her about an hour to make the trip. Appa and I have offered to help bring the traditional food next year. We can’t wait to do it again!

Fourth Birthday

FourFFfffIn preparation for his party we made three dozen lactose free cupcakes. CJ was very interested in when he would be able to lick, and super excited when that time finally came.

He really, really wanted me to help clean up his face and hands as he was eating, but I convinced him it would make a much better picture if he stayed messy.

A few weeks before his party he told me he was worried that he wouldn't have very many friends show up. How this mom's heart ached to her him say that. Thankfully God was also listening because he had no lack of friends and family come the party day. He is so blessed. Nearly forty people came to a nearby park to help him celebrate.

Getting Ready to Dig for Dinos

Papaw helps to best friends get a drink.


Great Uncle, Grandma, and Nanny

Younger friend chooses to watch.

Playing with friends.

Playing with DADDY!

What a pair!

All worn out!
 After a long nap we were ready to go again. This time it was opening all of the generous packages. Most were full of dino loot.

Can you find Daddy in this shot?

Giant T-Rex

Godmommy gave CJ LOADS of easy readers. THANK YOU!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Semester

First Baseball Game

CJ is very into all of the flowers that are blooming. On the way home from school he enjoys pointing out all of the flowers we pass and what colors they are. He has grown a lot in the past few months. After a short hiatus from yoga the teacher actually commented on how much taller he was. He is very into dinosaurs, trains, cars, and building. He likes singing, but really only in private. He is cautious and observant. It seems to me he is worried about doing things wrong and being embarrassed, but I maybe projecting.

He still loves to play outside; biking and running especially. Recently he is more willing to use a swing and has been practicing his pitching on the unripe grapes he picks on the grape vine outback. We've started letting him go outback on his own and he really likes the independence of course we can see each other through the glass door). He still wants nothing to do with trampoline.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day we met up with my folk's and "Unkie" Ryan for lunch at a small town cafe. Everyone took turns taking a picture accept CJ. After the pictures we played in the lake; swimming and canoeing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Spring Break

The hawk-eye spotted the park on the way into town. We thought he had forgotten, but remember all through lunch.
"Unkie" Ryan is a little worried at first.

Taking a break

Round two on day two when the Aunt arrives

He really holds most of his weight

Checking out the artists

Small group shot

Happy people

The nuns have all left the building.

Hanging out by river

Look at the boats!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Alphabet Soup

"S-T-O-P, stop Mommy, and there's going to be another one." I hear this each morning as we approach the first of two stop signs on our way out of the neighborhood. CJ is now able to quickly recognize his letters and digits.

"Brochiosaurs can't read Mommy!" CJ tells me last night when I suggested that his stuffed animal should read him his bed time stories. This was a gift from my cousin and the first stuffed animal he has grown attached to since he arrived.

"What time is it Mommy?" CJ is learning about time and is very curious about the current time and the passing of time.

"What's next Mommy?" Christian is always very curious about our next sequence of events. When you tell him the very next thing it will always be followed by "And then what's next Mommy?"

"Christian Jae-won __________" CJ was very proud of himself once he was able to clearly say his full name.

"Why?" CJ is deep into his why phase.