Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth Birthday

FourFFfffIn preparation for his party we made three dozen lactose free cupcakes. CJ was very interested in when he would be able to lick, and super excited when that time finally came.

He really, really wanted me to help clean up his face and hands as he was eating, but I convinced him it would make a much better picture if he stayed messy.

A few weeks before his party he told me he was worried that he wouldn't have very many friends show up. How this mom's heart ached to her him say that. Thankfully God was also listening because he had no lack of friends and family come the party day. He is so blessed. Nearly forty people came to a nearby park to help him celebrate.

Getting Ready to Dig for Dinos

Papaw helps to best friends get a drink.


Great Uncle, Grandma, and Nanny

Younger friend chooses to watch.

Playing with friends.

Playing with DADDY!

What a pair!

All worn out!
 After a long nap we were ready to go again. This time it was opening all of the generous packages. Most were full of dino loot.

Can you find Daddy in this shot?

Giant T-Rex

Godmommy gave CJ LOADS of easy readers. THANK YOU!

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