Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Semester

First Baseball Game

CJ is very into all of the flowers that are blooming. On the way home from school he enjoys pointing out all of the flowers we pass and what colors they are. He has grown a lot in the past few months. After a short hiatus from yoga the teacher actually commented on how much taller he was. He is very into dinosaurs, trains, cars, and building. He likes singing, but really only in private. He is cautious and observant. It seems to me he is worried about doing things wrong and being embarrassed, but I maybe projecting.

He still loves to play outside; biking and running especially. Recently he is more willing to use a swing and has been practicing his pitching on the unripe grapes he picks on the grape vine outback. We've started letting him go outback on his own and he really likes the independence of course we can see each other through the glass door). He still wants nothing to do with trampoline.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day we met up with my folk's and "Unkie" Ryan for lunch at a small town cafe. Everyone took turns taking a picture accept CJ. After the pictures we played in the lake; swimming and canoeing.

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