Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holt Family Picnic

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending a family picnic sponsored by our international adoption agency. We were all three very much looking forward to the event, and it did not disappoint. CJ was excited to meet other families where the child would be “Asian just like me” while the parents would be white like Daddy and I. It was very cool because while some of those children were close to CJ’s age there were also families where the “child” was now in their thirties.
Some families eat an amount of Korean food and try to introduce to their child to Korean culture while others do not. It was nice to see the spectrum. Of course, it is easier for us that for others because of our location close to an H Mart; living in a large city with a nice sized Korean community nearby.
We met two families that live relatively close that have boys near CJ’s age. One family the boy is closer to his age, at 5, while the other family had more in common with mommy and daddy. We exchanged information and hope to meet with each family again for play dates.
There was an adult adoptee that helped to coordinate the event. She had come into town to make purchases at H Mart for the event. Apparently it takes her about an hour to make the trip. Appa and I have offered to help bring the traditional food next year. We can’t wait to do it again!

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