Sunday, October 3, 2010

Male Bonding Take 2

I am currently watching our son as he plays at putting on my jean jacket while his Appa snores on the couch. This will be the first time that either of us has fallen asleep while Jae-won was still up. The little man wore the old man out for good this time you see.

There was much progress made this weekend. Jae-won called his father "Appa" for the first time, and is now giving kisses to both parents. They also made friends with the Father and two boys ages 2 and 4.5 that live two doors down.


  1. It sounds like your family is getting on well :-)

  2. Rachel - I've just spent a few minutes catching up on your blog. I need to come back more often then I am. Know that your new family remains in my prayers and that I am completely happy for you. I'll also be checking back for the medical update. I'm glad to also see that you have gotten a little you time even if it isn't much. Yoga and work but still. I can tell that you are a terrific mom (and I always knew you would be!)


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