Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayerful & Pearful Snack

This afternoon I gave Christian canned pears in juice for his snack. I gave him one pear half to start because the last time I gave him pears he had turned them down. Well today he was in a pear mood and that half didn't last long past his prayer. He immediately asked for more, by handing me the bowl and not the fork. I obliged by giving him a second half. He clasped his hands for another prayer, and another, and another. He must have prayed 10 times before he got started on that second pear half. By the end he was even praying along (ie babbling as I said the prayer). He did the same thing for his third half. I wish Frig had been here so we could have gotten the whole thing on tape, but I knew if I got up to get the camera the magic would be lost.

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