Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Christian and I went back to the pediatrician yesterday. I did better than the first time about timing which kept the parking garage fee from being as high. The first time we got there almost an hour early and it hadn't occurred to me how I would be paying for all of that time in parking fees.

Because I wasn't sure how long the appointment would take I took the little man for a very special treat before the doctor. He and I went to Whole Foods and shared a non-dairy frozen treat. It was super yummy, and only the second time we have given him anything like it. He was so happy.

As far as the doctors visit I have finally decided that I don't really care for her. The first two times I wasn't sure, but now I know it to be true. He has a follow-up shot for Hep due it March and I will not be taking him back to that doctor to have it done.

As far as results, all of his shots from Korea took so he doesn't have to redo any of them and all of the big tests (ie HIV, Hep, etc) were negative. He did have some bad stuff in his poop so that test is being redone. I guess it wasn't the vaccines they gave him that led to the diarrhea after all. I took the sample in today in fact, and we hope to have the results by the end of next week or it may effect day care. Also, the heart xray did show that his heart is enlarged.

Stay tuned for cardio and ophthalmology.


  1. praying for sweet little Christian's tests and for you to find the right pedi. With my oldest (my well child), the doc was fine, but when A came along, I realized how much I did not care for her (he was sick a lot, preemie, etc.). Now that Z will be home soon, I'm so glad we have a pedi we LOVE!


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