Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vocab Increase

It seems like CJ's vocabulary is increasing fast and furious. He gets the cutest little "you caught me face" whenever I realize that he has used a new word. It wish I was able to get it on video tape.

Today he used two new words. The first was a very clear "more" which he used during his afternoon snack. I had given him a glass of soy milk, something he doesn't get too often, and after finishing it off he held out the cup and spoke. I gave him a bit more for his efforts. It worked so well  the first time, he quickly drained the glass, and tried again. I was a sucker for his efforts, but gave him just a bit. The next "more" from him was followed by a "no more" from me.

The second word was "walrus". This might seem an odd word for a two and a half year old to be using, but it makes perfect sense if your dad has a running bath time diatribe which includes a Beatles song and your plastic water animal bath toys. Apparently the penguin and CJ are both egg men while Appa and the walrus are both, well, walruses. When I asked CJ to show me the egg man he quickly found the penguin, but when asked to produce the walrus he decided to be silly and pick up the puffer fish instead. He thought it was super hilarious  and let out a giggle when I told him I knew that was not the walrus. He did eventually find the walrus and when he lifted it out of the water is was accompanied by a very quiet, yet perfectly pronounce, "walrus". He said it a few more time, for my delight, but not nearly as well as the first.


  1. Is soy milk a treat? I am laughing at the "Walrus". I can just see Friggy singing that song in the bathroom to a lil boy in the tub. Christian will some day realise he is his Father's most captive audience. Friggy loves to put on a show and I am SURE CJ just eats it up. How do you live with that kind of constant boy play? Bless your heart! Aunt Carmen


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