Sunday, March 13, 2011

Water Water Every Where

Pondering the Pond
Christian seems to have a bit of an obsession with water. Which is why my school field trip this past week to the cities Japanese Garden made me decide that we needed to take our own family field trip.It was while I was pulling weeds with my students along the banks of the pond and watching the koi swim by that I realized my son would have loved to be with us.

Fascinated by the GIANT Duck
Men with Duck
It was decided that today would be the day for our adventure; so this morning before mass Appa packed a snack bag while I fed CJ a light breakfast. After mass we all went out to eat for real and then headed to the park. From the first sighting of water Christian out of my arms and in heaven. He was fascinated by the ducks, koi and turtles. He enjoyed walking on the stone pathways, and climbing up and down the bridge railings.
Water Lover
Nestled with Omma

Come to Mama
Here Fishy, Fishy

Giant Koi
"What's that?"

After an hour in the Japanese garden it was time for a snack.We started on a seat across from an even larger pond than is inside the Japanese garden.

Feed ME!
Then we walked a bit and climbed atop a large hill. CJ climbed up and down. Getting bites of seaweed from me while at the top. Appa and I lost a few months off our lives watching his uneven balance each time he made his way down again.


  1. Sure those aren't "koi", Rachel.

  2. So you learn something new everyday. Apparently I have been saying it wrong for years and nobody was able to tell.

  3. "Men with Duck" sounds like an entre.


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