Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doctor Doctor Give Me the News

Christian was once again put to the test with multiple doctor visits in a row. He was a bit rowdier than before, but still well behaved and cooperative. His Omma was happy to have the complements of more than one doctors' office employee over the past two days.

On yesterday he went to his 6 month cardio check-up. We had to meet with a different doctor as the one from October took Sprig Break to be with his kids. She was very nice and impressed with how well he has "thrived" over the past months. His weight gain of 5 pounds and other signs of health made her decide that the Echo wasn't needed after all. This made for one happy mama. I had talked to CJ about how pictures would be taken again, but was glad when my preparations were not needed. The doctor did want to make sure I knew that his current excellent status did not mean surgery was never going to be needed. I did appreciate her keeping me grounded.

CJ and I were so lucky that Appa was able to join us yesterday. We had to navigate a large building with lots of supplies and his help was very much appreciated. It was so much easier than before when we had to go alone because Appa was working.

Today CJ and I went for his pediatrician well check-up. This was the first time for us to meet his non-adoption pediatrician (who happens to be located in the same office as mine was when I was a child).  CJ is 50% for weight (30.5 lbs) and height. (2 ft 11.75 in) and everything looked healthy. We were very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the staff. I was glad we arrived early because they called us back right on time. I had yet to finish the paperwork that was requested. All of the people that helped us were  very child centered and CJ felt very comfortable. He did need to get one shot, but other than that the visit was easy. We go back in July for his 3 year visit.

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  1. Glad to hear his appointment went well. That's wonderful!


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