Thursday, March 26, 2009

Announcments, clothing, and a very cool blog

What else is there for a waiting mother to do but spend time surfing the net. There will come a time when I am sleep deprived and will long for a few hours of time to myself.

Among my many web activities I am a member of a board for mostly women, but some dad's as well, that have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Korean. This board is hosted by my adoption agency, but not all members are using our agency. I am not an very active poster, I find the shear number of posts and members a bit overwhelming, but I do go there daily to read through the posts. I have a lot of suggested reading material to start on in November, when my masters is complete, which I have found this way.

Yesterday there was a post inquiring on announcements made by a fellow Texan and member of the board. I decided to check her products out and was very impressed. She has two different websites. The first one that I visited focused on items such a shirts, mugs, and aprons for mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma. This is one of the items I really liked. I know it is difficult to read what the shirt says: I'm expecting a baby from South Korea. There are many items on this website I would buy today where I a less fiscally responsible person. To be able to see this shirt better, or look at more of the items, you can go to the ladies CafePress website.

As I said before, she also does custom announcements. Even with all of my years in the invitation business I had never seen an adoption announcement done so thoughtfully. Here is one of the examples that really caught my eye. Well scratch that. Understandable her website is copyrighted. You will just have to take a visit to TheFirstGlimpse yourself if you are so inclined. The link I provided goes directly to the gallery.

The very cool blog I found, Ask a Korean, is also a product of research on the board. The post was on the top of Korean names. I have already read several of "The Korean's" posts and find them not only informative, but also enjoy them because of the humor he interjects. I will add this blog to my regular web haunts for sure!


  1. The announcement featured is charming! I hope I'm not being too pushy to ask that you send me one when that happy day arrives for you.

  2. Not pushy...well maybe pushy but it made me feel warm and fuzzy so it is totally OK!


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