Sunday, May 10, 2009

No new news

I didn't want anyone to think that I was neglecting updates for any reason other than there really aren't any updates to provide. It appears we have hit a very tall wall and I am not sure either of us have the strength to climb it. I didn't know boot camp should be a suggested prerequisite for the adoption process. So many hill and mountains to traverse and so little time/energy/motivation.

We have only 13 days left of class and maybe when that is over it will be easier on us to get some work done on the adoption. Or maybe I am just using school as an excuse.

Part of the deal is we need to 2 letters of recommendation from people that are not related and it can be hard to pester people about this. Especially when they already filled out the initial forms for us. Also, at least one of the shared that they were equally upset about the whole thing as Frig and so when she started to write it was coming out all angry and snippy. This has been Frig's big obstacle.

On a positive note my sister gave me a shirt that says "Adoption is the new black". I wore it to mother's day today. It is super comfy!

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