Monday, May 30, 2011

Gottcha Day

September 20 will forever now be a date of vast importance in our household as it was the day Christian officially became Christian and our son forever. It was a day surrounded by much drama and sadly very little celebration. This was due to the fact that the mother of a girl in CJ's class chose to leave her sick daughter at school the previous Tuesday despite the fact that the child vomited on the way there.

By the time we were headed to Grandma and Pop's place on Thursday, Christian as showing similar symptoms. I had never seen so much vomit come out of such a little body or even out of a big body for that matter. More likely it is that I have never seen vomit covering a little body, filling up his car seat, and desperately tried to soak up the stuff with a toddler blanket as it came spewing out of a tiny mouth.

From that point, about 4:30 Thursday afternoon, until right before we returned home Sunday morning, it was evident through symptoms and attitude that the little guy was not feeling his normal self. I wish we had been able to have a more festive weekend filled with happier memories, but we did get to spend bonding time none the less. We were also very luck for our lawyer. She was extremely efficient and very child oriented.All four adults felt very forchunate.

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