Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CJ Just Like Daddy

Months ago Appa was sad because Mommy was getting all of the love and attention. At that time Grandma told us those preferences seem to swing back and forth to the extreme. Well we are currently in a Daddy phase for sure. Mommy is appreciating getting to see their interactions and the deepening of their relationship. She does not appreciate being treated like a second class citizen when she is the one that picks CJ up when he really wanted to see Daddy.

CJ's drive to be like Daddy leads him to pick out a green towel for bath because that's the color Daddy was using this morning, or to eat his okra because Daddy does. Other ways he is like his Daddy, but doesn't know it yet, include preferring his nickname, loving singing and a the constant joking. I'm telling you these two boys keep me on my toes!

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