Saturday, November 29, 2008

ARG USCIS Paperwork Returned

The USCIS returned our paperwork via certified mail because I sent a personal check for payment; however, I read back over the directions and it does not say that I have to send a certified check or money order. In fact, it says that personal checks will be turned into an electronic funds transfer. So the government spent $3.50 to return my paperwork when I had done nothing that conflicted with the directions. Also, because our mail lady always comes so late in the day it was too late to make it to the bank today. This is so frustrating. I hate dealing with the governement.


  1. Hey Rach, just wanted to say I hope you guys are making some progress in your journey and I am more than thrilled for you guys! Can't wait for a new update :)

  2. That sounds frustrating, Rachel. Wonder why they did that? I like your new layout on your blog! Thinking of you~

  3. Megan it is so great to hear from you!


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