Monday, November 24, 2008

SW is Gone

Frig and I just met with our SW. She was very nice. Frig and her got along wonderfully and I am pretty sure her husband and Frig are long lost brothers. They talked about Star Trek and how her son loves Monty Python. In fact, she and I have a lot in common as well. One big thing we talked about was how the husbands have crazy mad knowledge of trivia while the wives to do not. Apparently her husband also can not understand how she doesn't know the director, year, complete plot and actors in ever movie ever made.

The home study was nothing to be worried about at all. She sat on our floor at the coffee table and made herself at home. None of the questions were difficult. She seemed to regard the walk through as a formality that had to be completed and when I asked if she wanted to see the garage she said she had to "although I have no idea why I have to." She mentioned more than once how our house was much larger than she had expected it to be.

While I was waiting for the social worker to arrive I completed some last minute house straightening and completed our USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) paperwork. It is called an I 600A and is an application for advanced processing of an orphan petition. The form is easy enough to fill out, but the check is going to be painful to write. Basically it is paying for our child's visa and approval for us to adopted internationally. The cost is $640 plus $80 per adult living in the house. Once the office gets the paperwork Chris and I will have to go and be finger printed. I am a little worried that the finger printing will have to happen during the work day. Apparently you don't get to pick when you go to the office, but our given an appointment date that you have to keep. I hope I can get some friends at school to cover for me if the timeing works out. Only time will tell on this aspect.


  1. Now you are further along than us. :)
    DH is getting our stuff notarized either tomorrow or Wednesday at work and then I'll overnight our application to Holt. Woohoo!

    We are both well on our way. So exciting.

  2. Sounds like it went well, Rachel! This is all so exciting! I hope that the finger printing appt comes at a decent time for your schedule or that having someone cover at work won't be too much of a pain. Thanks for linking this - it's so nice to watch your journey. Keeping you two and your future little one in my prayers.


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