Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Looks Like Austin Success

It appears that we finally found a helpful soul in Austin. I sent an email last Friday via the "contact us" feature on the Austin City website. Friday afternoon my email was forwarded to someone at the municipal courts. Today we heard back from a very kind woman telling us exactly what she needed to know from us, how long it would take to process our request, and the cost. I am beyond happy.

Now if only the TB test would get taken care of...................

.......................a woman can dream can't she?


  1. Yay! Im so happy you got that taken care of!

  2. Rachel,

    I'm so exited that my niece or nephew won't be white!!! I'm getting tired of every one being so white. I'm also pumped about the present I've been waiting to cultivate for the occasion. Also, thanks for the pashmina...it has come in handy during the 1 degree weather I've been facing. I can't wait to hear more.

    I love you both!!!
    your little sister


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