Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from the post office

Frig and I recently returned from a trip to the Post Office. He didn't finish his write ups last night and I was upset with him this morning, but it turned out to work in our favor. He had to go by the doctor to pay for his last visit and they gave him the medicals. This means we have mailed off all of the required homestudy paperwork. Now we just have to wait for official approval.

I had emailed our contact at the HS agency yesterday to let her know that the information from Austin had arrived. While I had her attention I asked her a question about a letter we received from the USCIS, you might recall that we had to pay for visa approval for our future child, and they sent a notice that passport photos for the both of us are required. I had assumed that was why our HS agency request those same photocopies, but you know what happens when one assumes. Thank goodness I finally asked. So now I have to get more copies to send them off to the same government that gave me the passports in the first place. Go figure!

Now Frig and I just have to decide where we are going to go eat dinner in celebration.

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