Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mail from Austin

My mail pot (yes I said pot and that was not an error) was very full today when I arrived home which made me super hopeful that there would be something in the mail from Austin. Thankfully I did not get my hopes up without cause. Austin Municipal Courts came through with a copy of all the emails and a certified letter verifying that they could not find any record of the event as it was so minor and happened so very long ago. Frig will need to do his required write up of the incident and then he will be finished with his part.

On my way to yoga this evening I will be stopping by Walgreens to get the two pictures I owe the HS agency, 1 of us and 1 of the house, and purchase a large enough envelope. I should be able to get everything into the mail first thing in the morning.

Last week Frig took care of his urine sample for his medicals and the doctor insured him that she would mail in the paper work as soon as she received the results. At that time I emailed our contact from the agency asking that she let me know if they do not receive the medicals by the end of this week so we could follow up. I sure hope that isn't necessary.

It seems like every thing is coming together. I have been reading a book "Raising Adopted Children: A manual for adoptive parents" during my one week break between masters classes. I am finding in very informative. I have a lot to learn.

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