Saturday, July 25, 2009

TX approval

First, I would like for all of you that are reading this that are parents to think to yourself "did I have pre-approval from my state to become a parent"? Now I know a few of you adopted and in that case you mostly likely said yes. Accept maybe in Frig's case. My in-laws were probably begged to take him off of the hands of whomever took care of him for the first 10 days. (OK I jest)

Well Frig was finally approved by the Lone Star state to become a father. I received a phone call some time yesterday afternoon. I bet the lady at the HS agency was glad to finally get to call me with good news. Normally when she calls it is to tell me all of the additional hoops they need Frig and I to jump through. Well mostly Frig has to do the jumping. I am the one standing on the side lines yelling "You can do it!"

The next step is USCIS approval. I have no idea how long we will be waiting for that to happen. The HS lady said something vague about getting something off to USCIS now that we were officially TX approved.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the other avenue I mentioned in my last entry. Well as of right now nothing has happened. I guess you can say that I have lost momentum. It has been almost a year since we started this journey and we are still not on a waiting list. I do finally have what should be a good working number and I guess I will get up the energy one day this coming week to make a call.

On a "what you do as a kid can come back to bite you later" vein, since Frig and I have learned so much about that as of late, I had a funny conversation while in Ohio seeing my little sis. One of her friends, who is 21 so not really a kid but young enough to maybe not realize how little things can have big consequences later, was lamenting the minor current consequences of having stole a ace bandage. I told him he might not be able to adopt when he got older to which he gave me a very quizzical look and little sis kindly explained. On the bight side I was able to tell him that he also would never had too serve jury duty as Frig had just gotten out of jury duty himself for his minor theft. Now I have to have little sis tell her friend that the ace bandage incident will most likely not be an adoption stopper after all.


  1. It does seem kind of lopsided that "natural" parents don't have to go through the same kind of scrutiny. People like the OctoMom come to mind; where were the parenting police when she was having 8 eggs implanted. But, a big HOORAY for Frig. Don't lose heart, Rachel.

  2. YAY Rachel and Frig! Glad you FINALLY got some good news. Mabye you can go onto the USCIS website and see how long it takes to be approved.

    Yes it just irks my buttons that for people like us we have to be "approved" to have kids but anyone else can just have them. I think it is a load of crap.

    But YAY!

  3. I am so happy for you both! And how lucky Chris is to have you as a wife on the side with the "you can do it" each time. I know the road hasn't been easy and I know there is more to go through but this is such great news! It's about time that you guys got a great phone call like that! Hugs for you!


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