Monday, April 19, 2010

Korea's been contacted

I have tried to keep the past 72 hours busy with researching day cares and trying to figure out what to do as far as the nursery is concerned. My sister has kindly offered to look at the frogs playing baseball figurines I found and try to come up with a mural for the wall. It isn't her usual art, kind of beneath her really, so it means a ton that she is willing to do this. There is a Montessori school close called Triple R. I am hoping this is a sign. Mom says she will go check the place out. Seeing as she is a former Montessori teacher herself I can't imagine there is a better person to do the job.

It is currently a little past 9:30 AM tomorrow in Korea. I hope someone is reading the email that was sent requesting the test information, and reply negatively. Hope often do we consider a negative to be so very positive? I guess it isn't that uncommon when it comes to medical topics.

My folks are coming into town this weekend and I would really, really, really like to have a reason to celebrate and go SHOPPING!


  1. I've been enjoying following your journey and praying SO hard recently that you'd receive good news. How exciting that the time is finally here. I'm praying you hear that the test results are negative and that your sweet boy will be coming home soon.

  2. Rachel I hope you receive positive news today...Meaning good news with negative results. You are in my prayers!


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