Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paperwork - the sequel

Last week was a very busy paperwork period for Frig and I once again. There were two USCIS forms (I864 and I864A) in particular that I was very glad my international agency provides simplistic step by step instructions for filling them out because I tried to make sense of them without the instructions and it just was not happening. These two forms require various copies of documents to substantiate them such as birth certificate, marriage license, W2s, and most recent tax return.

Besides the two USCIS forms there were various others which had to be complete in duplicate, triplicate and even one that required quadruple copies. It is required that each form be filled in by hand. It is not acceptable to fill in one form and then make copies. Many of the forms require a Notary public. We are so lucky to have one on campus, and luckier still that it is someone Frig and I both consider a friend. Especially when I thought I remembered our final income from 2009, I had just filled it in numerous times on other forms, and had to ask her to redo the form that needed four notarized copies because I had not gotten the number perfect. On Friday she met with us after school as we had received the "by mail" portion of the paper work and needed her help once again. Interestingly enough she is also adopted and commented on how getting to participate in our adoption process, and really see some of the work that goes into it, reinforced how much her parents must have gone through to adopt her.

In the next few weeks there will be paperwork coming and going from our house. I hope I can keep from becoming a mailman stalker as I wait for Christians legals to arrive. In the mean time I am trying to occupy my time by reorganizing around my house and REGISTERING!!!! How fun is that? I hope to actually go to the store today because so far I have only registered online. There are some things that just have to be seen in person to know exactly what you're getting.

Last night Frig and I went out with the godparents to a free concert at Miller Outdoor theater. We had a blast. At one point Frig disappeared for awhile and I wondered aloud what had happened to him. The godmother supposed he was probably playing with one of the kids on the hill. That really was an excellent guess. I can't wait until next year when he would be playing with OUR kid on the hill!


  1. I hope all this paperwork moves quickly to the appropriate places and Christian can come home that much sooner!

    I'm so excited for you!

  2. I think that is so special that your friend who is the notary was adopted herself. So special. Have fun registering! This is so exciting!!! And if you do become a mailman stalker; I certainly don't blame you!


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